EDEN – European Digital Engineering Network for Exchange and Cooperation

  • Maximum BMBF Grant Amount – EUR 119.598,24

  • Project Number – 01DS19022

  • Starting Date – April 1st, 2019

  • Duration in Months – 13

  • Call – Bridge2ERA

Strenghen the networking of European DIHs and jointly conceive an EU project on the topic Digital Engineering.


The prerequisite for digital products and production in Industry 4.0 is the use of cyber-physical systems, which need a suitable digital database. The necessary information comes essentially from the digital development of systems, also referred to as Digital Engineering. It is a way to integrate the creation of a digital twin of a production system in its development process. With regard to the consistent, continuous usage of the data, the research field is called Digital Engineering and Operation.

  • Proposal for EU project – initiating and proposing an EU project on Digital Engineering, since an integrated digital data management over the entire plant life cycle is needed but not yet comprehensively conceptualized in Europe and beyond.

  • European Networking - strengthening the exchange between the DIHs on a European level to initiate an international but also regionally established network on Digital Engineering.

The EU needs to establish itself as an industrial location for the future and therefore as a digital pioneer in manufacturing.


In its first funding phase the EDEN-Network is set up by the partner DIHs. This takes place within a framework of:

  • Organized Meetings - study visits on site of the respective partners with mutual presentation of best practices, web conferences and a joint conference in Germany.

  • Invitations for Partners – Fraunhofer IFF invites the partners and other interested companies from their regional networks.

  • In-Depth Idea Exchange – development of a common understanding of the terms Digital Engineering and Digital Twin and clarification of the relevant research topics.

  • Project Preparation - elaboration of an idea outline for a concrete research project as well as its integration into a content-appropriate EU call.

In the second funding phase an EU project proposal will be prepared and submitted based on the objective of the Bridge2ERA call.


The EDEN project strives to bring together important regional stakeholders to establish a joint understanding of the underlying concepts and skills for Digital Engineering, while facing the following challenges:

  • Digital Engineering and Digital Twin – different understanding of the terms and different objectives.

  • Standardization Efforts – support at a European level.

  • EU Projects - identification of a suitable H2020 Call for a joint project.

  • Wide Disparity - variety of technological implementation for digital engineering and operation.

Strengthening the European network of Digital Innovation Hubs, while actively involving the regional partners.

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