Mittelstand-Digital Center Magdeburg

The Mittelstand-Digital Center Magdeburg supports medium-sized companies both in Saxony-Anhalt and nationwide in the use of innovative, digital solutions for optimizing internal processes, business networking and developing new business fields.

  • The Mittelstand-Digital Center Magdeburg is a part of the Funding Initiative »Mittelstand Digital«. With »Mittelstand Digital«, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy supports digitalization in small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled trades.

  • »Mittelstand Digital« – providing information and assistance about the opportunities and challenges of digitization for SMEs.

Support for small retailers as well as larger manufacturing companies by providing expert knowledge, demonstration centers, networks for the exchange of experience and practical examples.



Promoting digitalization in Saxony-Anhalt and nationwide while enabling SMEs to make use of digital solutions and facilitating the experience of digitalization potentials.

  • Providing information about digitalization potentials.

  • Enabling SMEs to make use of digital solutions.

  • Facilitating the experience of digitalization potentials.

Support for medium – sized enterprises in using innovative digital solutions for the optimization of business processes, networking between enterprises and development of new business areas.


The wide spectrum of topics covered by its team enables the Mittelstand-Digital Center Magdeburg to accompany competently SMEs in Saxony-Anhalt as well as nationwide.

  • Connected technology and standardisation: making companies fit for the digital future.
  • Digital business models: boosting competitiveness and innovation.

  • User-friendliness and a positive response: designing the digital workplace and supporting staff through digital change.

  • Safety and security: protecting sensitive business data and assessing IT security levels of digital technology.

The experimental factory and mobile demonstrators allow visitors to truly experience the digital transformation.


The team of the Mittelstand-Digital Center Magdeburg supports you on your way to digitization with practice-related events and joint projects and shows how to use digital topics for your business profitably, putting them into practice step by step.

  • Providing Information – mobile company consultations, digitization check-up, lectures, topic telegrams and guides.

  • Experience and GrowthEscape Adventure, digitization you can touch.

  • Active Learning and Implementation – workshops, educational games, convoy accompaniment, implementation projects.

The digital age is changing the way we live, work and do business.

Digitizing Industry

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