KI-Kollektiv Saxony-Anhalt

A community platform for people interested in AI to come together, connect and collaborate.

  • The aim of the KI-Kollektive Saxony-Anhalt is to create a platform where those interested in AI can come together. The community aims to provide each individual with the resources, expertise and support they need to successfully integrate AI technologies into their daily workflows.

  • The use of artificial intelligence is the key to growth and innovation in Saxony-Anhalt. By working together and leveraging the expertise and resources of the platform, we can address the challenges associated with adopting artificial intelligence and capitalize on the opportunities of this revolutionary technology.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine to do things that we normally think only humans can do. This includes things like seeing, thinking, learning and problem solving. Technologies that help machines do these things include robotics and autonomous vehicles, computer vision, speech, virtual agents, and machine learning.

  • Businesses should adopt artificial intelligence as it offers a number of benefits that can help them stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape. Artificial intelligence has the potential to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, improve decision-making processes, reduce costs, increase efficiency and accuracy, and improve customer service and operations management.

  • However, there are also potential downsides to not using artificial intelligence. Companies that don’t embrace the technology could find themselves falling behind in innovation and customer experience, making it harder for them to stay competitive. This could ultimately lead to lost profits and sales as customers turn to companies that already use the technology. Therefore, it is important to understand both the benefits and challenges associated with artificial intelligence so that you can make an informed decision on how best to implement the technology into your business operations.

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Artificial Intelligence in practice

Here are some links to resources provided by the European Commission.

  • The AI-on-Demand (AIoD) platform is a community-driven channel designed to promote European research and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, while ensuring the European seal of quality, trustworthiness and explainability.

  • AI4Experiments: Create your AI solution – is a website that provides an open space for AI developers to create, share and collaborate on AI solutions using a visual editor. Users can choose from a collection of reusable building blocks for various AI tasks such as video segmentation, speech-to-text or object recognition.

  • AI4Europe is an initiative that aims to create a unified approach to artificial intelligence in Europe. It focuses on promoting AI research, collaboration and training to ensure that Europe remains competitive in the field of artificial intelligence. The educational catalog contains information about various AI-related courses, workshops and training programs offered across Europe.

Digitizing Industry

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