»Partnernetzwerk Wirtschaft 4.0«

The aim of the network is to raise the awareness of the entrepreneurs of the Land of Saxony-Anhalt for the importance of Economy 4.0 in Saxony-Anhalt. To sensitize and motivate companies to successfully draw the right levers in the company and to use modern information and communication technologies to digitize the value-added chain and its business processes.


Sustainable bundling of regional activities in the field of the digital economy and society, and the swift spread of technological innovations from Saxony-Anhalt out into the world – made in Germany.

  • Information sharing – Sustainable bundling of regional activities in the field of digital economy and society.

  • Ensuring competitivenessCreating better conditions for digitization in companies; widespread distribution of the Internet and related technologies and standards.
  • Engaging experts – Identification of existing solutions or providers on the market and independent selection for the needs of regional companies.

  • Establishing technologies Dissemination of the latest technological developments, originated, for example, from funded research and development projects.

  • Creating a network Networking of regional service providers and their competencies development with SMEs and crafts.


  • Work 4.0 Digital processes, structures and solutions help you and your employees to work more efficiently. Get rid of routines, go (more) paperless, work decentrally or cooperate with modern means of communication.

  • Marketing 4.0Reach your customers when they are looking for you. With the help of search engines potential buyers look for solutions and answers, inform themselves in detail before the purchase and only then contact. Show yourself already here from your most beautiful and informative side and provide incentives. This is how potential buyers become customers.
  • Sales 4.0 Provide your customers with familiar environments to experience the shopping experience not only privately but also at work. Show your assortment to your customers. What is in stock? When can it be delivered? Ordering by few clicks.
  • Production 4.0 Networking of machines? Big Data? Internet of Things. How we look at, control and evaluate production changes drastically. More and more data can be collected and machines can communicate with each other. Reduce your throughput and downtimes. Digitization enables enormous increases in efficiency.
  • Business Models 4.0 – The digital age is changing the way we live and work. Companies face the challenge of offering additional services in addition to their products, in the fast-paced conditions of digitization, in order to create additional customer benefits and to remain successful in the market.

Service Team

Staff members of the Center for Product, Procedure and Process Innovation GmbH (ZPVP) and the Competence Network for Applied and Transfer-Oriented Research (KAT) work in the service team of the partner network.
ZPVP GmbH is responsible for the bundling of information and activities as well as the networking of the actors among each other and with companies and multipliers and operates the “information hub”, which all actors within the partner network can access.

The KAT universities are organized decentrally and serve for local companies as a contact point on issues regarding the digitization. The staff members advise on site with the aim of recording and evaluating the needs of the companies and then forwarding them to the information hub. Suitable cooperations are mediated and coordinated.

Digitizing Industry

We are a one-stop-shop for SMEs, startups and mid-caps to get access to technology-testing, financing advice, market intelligence and networking opportunities.