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Digital Innovation Hub
for Saxony-Anhalt

The Elbfabrik of the Fraunhofer IFF uses its deep regional roots and its anchoring in a strong regional network as a central hub for digitalization activities in Saxony-Anhalt.

  • Material Support – for relevant initiatives in the regions

  • Own Initiatives – for strengthening ties between different stakeholders

  • EU-Wide Network – for companies to access competences in other regions

In 2018 the Elbfabrik was named the European Digital Innovation Hub in Saxony-Anhalt. With the DIHs, the European Commission created a network of competence centres to assist companies with the digital transformation. They are intended to be the first point of contact, especially for SMEs, and provide opportunities to experiment with the new technologies.


European Digital Engineering Network for Exchange and Cooperation.

AI DIH Network

European Network of Digital Innovation Hubs with focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Mittelstand-Digital Center Magdeburg

Promoting digitalization in Saxony-Anhalt and nationwide through enabling SMEs to make use of digital solutions and facilitating the experience of digitalization potentials.

Mittelstand-Digital Center Construction

 Support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction and real estate sector in digitization and networking.

»Partnernetzwerk Wirtschaft 4.0«

Raising awareness for the importance of the Economy 4.0 and support for the entrepreneurs in Saxony-Anhalt on their way to the digital transformation.

Strong Partnerships

The Elbfabrik of the Fraunhofer IFF is involved in the Pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs, where companies can access competences and facilities not available in the DIH of their region. This network will lead to knowledge transfer between regions and will be the basis for economies of scale and investments in the hubs.

Digitizing Industry

We are a one-stop-shop for SMEs, startups and mid-caps to get access to technology-testing, financing advice, market intelligence and networking opportunities.

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