Mittelstand-Digital Center Construction

The Mittelstand-Digital Center Construction supports small and medium-sized enterprises as well as craft businesses in the digitization and Building Information Modeling.

  • The Mittelstand-Digital Center Construction is a part of the funding initiative »Mittelstand Digital«. Mittelstand-Digital offers guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled crafts as they embrace the digital transformation, informs them about the opportunities and challenges of digitisation and provides financial support for digitisation projects. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action makes it possible for all of these services to be rendered free of charge.

  • Mittelstand-Digital – built on three pillars:

    • Mittelstand-Digital Innovation Hubs part of the nationwide Mittelstand-Digital network
    • Digital Now investment grant programme
    • Cybersecurity for SMEs Initiative with the Cybersecurity for SMEs Transfer Centre (TISiM)


The Mittelstand-Digital Center Construction provides support for SMEs embarking on digitization in the construction and real-estate sector all across Germany, with five regional sites in Mannheim, Oldenburg, Magdeburg, Kaiserslautern and Holzkirchen.
  • Focus on: project design, planning, construction, crafts, operations.

  • Supporting companies in using digital methods and tools.

  • Demonstration and testing possibilities tailored to individual industries and target groups.

Digital Planning, Construction and Operation.


The Mittelstand-Digital Center Construction aims to promote the digitization of the construction and real estate industries through networking of small and medium-sized enterprises and demonstrating practical digital applications. There are separate project offices at five regional locations, where SMEs can obtain information and gain valuable insights into the diversity of digital methods and techniques. Five main topics are the focus of the competence center:
  • Project development – even in the phase of project development, digital methods and techniques help, for example, when discussing the project with clients, other interested parties and citizens.

  • Planning – Planning on digital building models enables a high degree of security, but requires an early involvement of various disciplines and trades.

  • Construction – Modern technology and methods help with the planning of construction processes, the organization on the construction site and not least the entire logistics.

  • Craft sector – many craftsmen can benefit from digital methods and techniques as these help with order creation and processing and many other bureaucratic activities.

  • Operation – the digitization of building operation opens up new options for owners, operators, facility management and product manufacturers.


Our offers are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and craft businesses throughout the value chain construction, i.e. project developers, builders, planners, construction companies and all construction trades, craftsmen and all those who are involved in the use and operation of buildings.
  • Fairs and Events – We offer workshops, expert symposia and regional conferences all over Germany to inform comprehensively about a various aspects of digitization in the construction and real estate industry.

  • BIM consultations and BIM get-togethersan easy and informal introduction to the diverse topics of BIM and digitization.

  • eBusiness-Checks – among other things, the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center offers eBusiness checks especially for craft businesses on IT compliance, digital business processes and online marketing.

Interconnecting digital solutions with practical implementation.

Digitizing Industry

We are a one-stop-shop for SMEs, startups and mid-caps to get access to technology-testing, financing advice, market intelligence and networking opportunities.