🌐 Insightful Discussions during the event 

KI-Kollektiv recently hosted a small yet highly engaging event at the Elbfabrik of the Fraunhofer Institute – an AI adopter’s ecosystem built as a part of the DIH4AI project. The focus was on showcasing AI in manufacturing to raise awareness.

🔍 Intimate Gathering, Rich Conversations

Though attendance was modest with two dedicated participants, the discussions were deeply insightful. Special thanks to Sascha Perten and Michael Stoof from MR GMBH and to Fraunhofer scientists, Andreas Herzog and Patrick Menz, for their expert insights.

🤖 Quality Over Quantity

The event might have been small in size, but it was significant in terms of the quality of ideas exchanged. We appreciate sharing your experience and discussing use-cases actively.

🙏 Gratitude

A heartfelt thanks to those who attended. Your enthusiasm and active participation were key to making this event meaningful.

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