We are excited to announce the successful completion of the DIH4AI project, aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in adopting and integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI). Led by DIH-Saxony Anhalt (Fraunhofer IFF), this initiative has significantly advanced AI innovation in our region.

Intra-Regional Experiments

  1. Better Access to Finance for AI Services This initiative improved financial access for AI-driven services, helping SMEs secure essential funding.
  2. Creation of an AI-Adopter Community (KI-Kollektiv) The KI-Kollektiv community fostered collaboration among businesses, researchers, and policymakers, accelerating AI adoption through knowledge sharing through a community approach to learning and implementing AI.
  3. AI-Checkup This service provided SMEs with comprehensive AI readiness evaluations, offering tailored recommendations for effective AI integration. Learn more about AI-Checkup.
  4. Technology-Based Risk Management (A Study) This study developed frameworks for using AI in risk management, enhancing risk assessment and mitigation processes for SMEs.

Inter-Regional Experiment

  1. AI-Awareness Raising Skills In collaboration with DIH-South Netherlands (TNO) and DIH-Munich (Fortiss) we aimed at creating a cross-site demonstrator that shows in practice how AI can be used and integrated across parts of cross-regional value chain. Through this we want to extend our ecosystem services with the partners creating a collaboration corridor.

Achievements and Future Directions

The DIH4AI project has laid a strong foundation for future AI-driven projects, significantly contributing to the growth and awareness for SMEs in our region. We extend our gratitude to all partners and participants for their invaluable contributions.

More details on the DIH4AI project and our ongoing initiatives you can see here.