SMEs Digital – Center Magdeburg organizes a new series of lectures on AI starting on January 17th, 2023. 

How do I start an AI project? How can machine learning help me to successfully advance my company? Find out online in our new AI lecture series which methods and visualization options exist to correctly interpret the results of AI models.

The practical workshops and seminars give you an insight into fields of application, data processing, classification and pattern recognition as well as practical examples of the use of possible AI solutions both in the office and in production! In addition, further events in the subject areas of product testing, maintenance and energy management are offered.

Our AI trainers are also happy to answer individual questions.

Dare to Start an AI Project In Your Company: On the Border Between Reality And Vision!

Dare to take the first step!

17.01.2023 – Using data for artificial intelligence in the company – but in the right way

26.01.2023 – Recognising what cannot be seen with the human eye – classification and pattern recognition with AI

09.02.2023 – Introduce and live energy management in the company

20.02.2023 – Can I trust my automated product testing? Basics for the evaluation of AI models

21.02.2023 – Assistance systems in maintenance

 14.03.2023 – Competently selecting AI methods – examples from maintenance 1

16.03.2023 – Competently selecting AI methods – examples from maintenance (2/2)

30.03.2023 – Artificial intelligence for time series forecasting – prediction of energy consumption values

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