ETAPAS – Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services – Project is excited to announce its third ETAPAS project workshop, which will take place online on 5 May 2022 from 10:00 to 13:00 CET. You are welcome to register for free at the Event Brite Page.

This workshop, titled »Toward Trustworthy AI Adoption in the European Public Administrations«, will bring together policy makers from European public administrations to discuss approaches and real cases enabling a Trustworthy AI adoption in Pubic Sector.

The main topics of discussion will include:

  • the state of play of Responsible Technology Adoption in the European Public Sector;
  • the ETAPAS approach to to ethical and social assessment of Disruptive Technologies in the Public Sector;
  • trustworthy AI Solutions across European Public Administrations;
  • prerequisites and enablers for sustainable adoption of AI in public services;
  • strategies for a governance framework for artificial intelligence in public administration.

The key question tackled by the workshop is at the core of the ETAPAS project, and of critical importance to public administrations considering the adoption of disruptive technologies. Indeed, the public sector can access great opportunities to drive efficiencies and service improvements by embracing disruptive technologies such as AI, Robotics and Big Data; at the same time, it is clear that these also open the door to ethical concerns that need to be proactively identified and managed, particularly in the public services where citizens rightly expect providers to adhere to strong ethical standards at all times.

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